Several great session options

Class of 2020 Prices

I make pricing as simple as I can - the price for each session includes what many call the "session fee" PLUS the edited digital image files for you to use to print, make announcements, etc. I don't offer prints, albums and other products, so there is never a reason to pay me any more than the price you see next to each session option. (EDIT! So I have been asked about adding some albums/books, and have ordered some samples. I want them to be a good price point for you; but also of good quality. I will update once I have seen the samples and decide for sure).  *** Payment is due in full at your planning meeting. 

PLATINUM • $750 • Three locations • About 130 fully edited images • Begins about 3.5 hours before sunset (depends on locations and driving time) • 4 to 6 outfits • A download link is sent to you within a week. We meet for a planning meeting before your session

GOLD • $625 •  Two different locations - about 40 minutes at each location (or elect to spend all your time out in the park) • Usually begins about 2 to 2.5 hours before sunset. About 85 fully edited image files. • 4 outfits • A download link is sent to you within a week. We meet for a planning meeting before your session.

SILVER • $500 • About 40 minutes at one location • About 40 fully edited images files • Two outfits • Online download within a week • We can meet for a planning meeting before your session.

SUMMER MINI - JUST ADDED - Oct 16! • $275 • This is a very quick 15-minute session - perfect for guys (or girls) who hate portraits and the moms who love them! Two outfits (a shirt change). About 15-20 edited image files. I JUST ADDED OCT. 16 as a date. Message me to claim a slot. Generally only offered in July; and again in March/April. West Bottoms or Shawnee Mission Park. 

A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT SUNSETS Many clients love my sunset photography but it is a roll of the dice. We of course can’t predict what your sunset will look like and I don’t reschedule if the sun is not out. Portraits in the park can be beautiful in cloudy weather, too - just different.  If sunshine is important to you, please schedule in July or August to maximize your chances of sun. That said, if you get clouds at sunset and want to give it a second try we can schedule an additional sunset mini session for $75. Because my schedule gets so filled the second try at sunset may not happen for several weeks or months.