Several great session options

NOTE! I still have plenty of appointment times left for the Class of 2022 and try to accommodate as many sessions as I can before winter - do not hesitate to ask for my scheduling calendar.

Class of 2022 Prices

I make pricing as simple as I can - the price for each session includes what many call the "session fee" PLUS the edited digital image files for you to use to print, make announcements, etc. I don't offer prints, albums, etc, so there is never a reason to pay me anything more.  (Keep scrolling to see all 5 session options ranging from $395-$850).

••• PLANNING MEETING: All sessions except minis come with a planning meeting prior to your session. *** Payment is due in full at this meeting. 

•••TURNAROUND TIME: I get you edited image files to you via an emailed download link within one week - usually much sooner!

PLATINUM • $850 
• Three locations / up to 6 outfits
• About 100 fully edited images
• Usually begins about 3.5 hours before sunset

GOLD • $725 
• Two locations / up to 4 outfits
• About 80 fully edited image files. 
• Usually begins about 2 to 2.5 hours before sunset. 

(new!) PARK GOLD • $695
• Shawnee Mission Park / up to 4 outfits • About 80 fully edited image files
• Usually begins about 2 to 2.5 hours before sunset

Two hours in Shawnee Mission Park gives us time to go to some little used spots like paths in the woods, a stream, little clearings amid trees, deeper into the wildflowers, etc.

SILVER • $595
• One location / up to 3 outfits
• About 40 fully edited image files. 
• (40 minutes in the city or park)
• Mornings, late afternoons or evenings. 

MINI • $395 
• This is a very quick 20-minute session - perfect for guys (or girls) who hate portraits and the moms who love them! 
• Two outfits
• About 20 fully edited image files. 
• West Bottoms or Shawnee Mission Park only.
• Mostly offered on Fridays. No sunset times. 

SPECIAL SESSIONS: I also offer special cap and gown; and prom dress sessions in May available ONLY to those who I have already photographed.

COLLEGE GRAD SESSIONS: Message me! Discount available if I did your senior portraits. 

Many clients love my sunset photography but it is a roll of the dice. We of course can’t predict what your sunset will look like and I don’t reschedule if the sun is not out. Portraits in the park can be beautiful in cloudy weather, too!.  If sunshine is important to you, please schedule in July or August to maximize your chances of sun. That said, if you get clouds at sunset and want to give it a second try we can schedule an additional sunset mini session for $75. Because my schedule gets so filled the second try at sunset may not happen for several weeks or months.

Center Stage Seniors - easy and fun

HI! My name is Lori!

• Send me a text or email to start the process – you can call me of course but I prefer email or text first so I can send you info. (913) 271-0703.

• Schedule: I will send you a link to my scheduling Web site where you can choose and sign up for a date for both your portrait session and your planning meeting (minis sessions don't need planning meeting).

• We meet at my house (on my deck) in Western Shawnee to get to know each other, make a plan, and I can answer any questions you may have. You also pay that day (cash, check, credit card or Venmo).

• Session day!  I am super easy going and try to make my sessions fun and low stress: It’s just me and my camera – no lighting equipment or assistants.  I focus on easy posing and keeping things natural.

• You won’t wait long! I go home, get some of my favorite images of you on Instagram by the next morning. Within a week your portraits will be edited and ready for you to download! You then can use them to print, share on social media, etc.

• That’s it! It is that easy!

Things to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to reschedule?

I will always try to accommodate you but my schedule gets very full from August-early November so during that time rescheduling is done only for very important reasons, such as injury or illness. If you need to reschedule during my busy season it could be several weeks before an open date is available, or we may have to consider a morning session. 

Where can I see the latest Center Stage Senior portraits?

I update my Instagram almost every day during my busy season with all of my most current work - often updating with images I have taken in the last few hours!  So please click on the tiny camera at the top of the page to see and follow my account. 

How do you handle skin editing? 

I do edit skin but I use a light hand so that skin still looks like skin! I hand-edit each image (rather than using an automated process) to even out skin tones or remove acne. In the case of heavy acne, skin may not turn out “perfect” but will be vastly improved. 

What do you do about rain? 

I closely watch the weather forecast - I have three weather aps in fact! - and I stay in touch with you for a day or two before your portrait session if rain looks possible. If we are fairly certain it will rain, we will go ahead and reschedule. If it looks like it could go either way, I prefer to go ahead and try to shoot and get as much done as we can.

What about cold or dark or windy weather?

In general cold weather or wind is not reason to reschedule. I have done portrait session in as cold as 40 degrees and windy. When you choose certain months of the year - such as October and November, you need to be prepared for dark skies, wind or cold weather. If you want to increase our chances of a warm day and sunshine,  choose a summer date. 

What if I want you to make me thinner, or get rid of tan lines or my bra is showing, etc?

My standard editing entails me applying my own style of color and contrast and other photographic styles to my images; as well as polishing skin, slightly whitening teeth when needed, and other small edits. I do not routinely fix tan lines, or orange areas caused by self-tanner. I don’t remove braces. I don’t digitally improve hair. As for body editing - I really avoid doing that at all unless it is a very small edit based on a bump caused by clothing or your position. It is important that you look like you, so I won't make you look thinner or heavier or taller or make your hair longer or your eyes larger or any of those large-scale edits popular with Instagram editing Aps or in magazine advertising.  

What if I don’t get the type of sunset I wanted?

I really wish I could control the sunset so that everyone gets the sunny, golden sunset they want. But of course I can’t, and you should prepare yourself for whatever sunset happens. If you want to increase your chances of a colorful, sunny sunset, please schedule your portrait session in July or August. If you would like to try again, I do offer "Second Try" sunset mini session for $75 – but it may be weeks before we can find a date on the calendar that works.

What is your refund policy?

Once you have paid for your portrait session, you are committed and there are no refunds. So be sure that my style of shooting, editing, prices and business model are right for you before scheduling your planning meeting.

What if it something doesn’t go according to plan?

Just be flexible! I could get you beautiful portraits just about anywhere and under just about any conditions. I have 15 years of experience as a photographer and have photographed hundreds of seniors, and it always ends up just fine! So if we go to one of your locations and there is a street festival happening, we can choose a different location! If it rains for a few minutes, don’t worry – I can be extra efficient when the rain stops so we can still get you plenty of great images; or we can go to a coffee shop or Union Station. If the sun isn’t shining at sunset, dark images at the park can have a soft, fairy-tale-like quality and turn out beautifully, too. If you forget a certain outfit or shoes – just relax and trust me. Basically don’t worry about anything – it really will turn out ok!


Center Stage Families & Children

• Family Mini Session - $425* • Inclusive price for 25 minutes of photography * 20 edited images sent to you via online download within a week • One location • No outfit changes. • Shawnee Mission Park or West Bottoms only.

• Family Portrait Session - $550 •  Inclusive price for 40 minutes of photography * 40 edited images sent to you via online download within a week • One location • You may change outfits • Location choices: Shawnee Mission Park,  Loose Park (you must get a permit from the park in advance now), Nelson Gallery, Liberty Memorial, West Bottoms, Lawrence (parks, wetlands, KU campus).

* I accept Cash, Checks and Credit. Payment in full due upon scheduling.